Working with you to embed the latest sustainability knowledge into your business.

What I do
Develop sustainability as a deeply-rooted competency within organizations

I build communities of learning and practice to embed sustainability within organizations – helping people to understand and apply sustainability in their daily work.

Ultimately, it is your people who will advance sustainability as a value contributor to your organization – working to build a better company and a better world.

My offer:
Well-developed people at every level of your organization; your expert sustainability workforce.
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Sustainability Training

If your organization is serious about contributing to sustainability, then I will ensure that everyone understands the context and its implications for their work.


I work with your people on application opportunities that build communities of practice in sustainability. Developing organizational competencies that can provide distinct competitive advantage.

Integrating Sustainability

I build communities of learning and practice to review core processes and integrate sustainability into the organization’s policies and standard work.

Effective Processes

I help you to apply Lean thinking to solve problems and codify knowledge for sharing – an essential skill for sustainable organizations. Lean is an effective, contextually aware, locally empowering learning system.

Horizon Scanning

With sustainability issues evolving faster than business practices, I ensure that you are on top of what matters with independently objective and balanced perspective on the latest developments.

Friendly Support

I offer a no-risk service contract that allows us to collaborate immediately. Let me help you transition sustainability from challenge into opportunity for your staff and your business.

You know you
need my help when...
Chronic problems in your organization
are impeding sustainability progress.
Problems such as:

- It is not clear where your industry is headed on sustainability

- You have a sustainability vision and goals, but things aren’t happening or changing fast enough

- Too much effort is spent measuring and reporting and not enough on building the competencies needed for real progress

- Policies and practices are not fully aligned with sustainability goals

- Opportunities for workforce involvement in sustainability are unclear

- No one is identifying sustainability competency gaps and developing staff to close them

- Sustainability is not integrated into all internal training programs 

- Sustainability is not seen as an opportunity for innovation in all new service and product design

- Continuous improvement and Lean programs overlook 'non-product outputs' (wastes & emissions)

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"We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities." —Walt Kelly

The scope and urgency of needed change is at odds with a general lack of awareness of our situation.

What, me worry?