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Jim Banks is a Sustainability Advisor based in Montreal. In 1994, he founded one of the first non-profits in Canada to promote sustainable development, building an active local membership and a global network while publishing a newsletter on product design and environment. Developing an obsessive interest in the challenge of sustainability, Jim is a relentless horizon scanner with experience in new product development, strategic foresight, and design.

Jim’s extensive experience in design process was advanced immeasurably when coached in Lean Product & Process Development by thought-leader, Michael Kennedy in 2008. His 'success is assured' approach emerged from insights into the Wright Brothers' achievements and the Toyota Product Development System. This simple, systematic approach to learning and decision-making in Engineering is invaluable to implementing sustainability within companies.

Principal senior consultant to a Montreal-area aerospace company since 2015, Jim enjoys educating folks about sustainability and making it easy for them to integrate it into their work.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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